COVID-19 measures current students

The general rule is to follow the guidelines at your partner institution. Each institution has their way of handling the current situation so for more details, we would like to refer to the COVID-19 measures of each partner institution. This includes both instructions on an educational level and measures to guarantee a safe environment (health, hygiene, etc.).

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Year 1

  • The programme can be continued online if necessary and examination is expected to be organised online according to the regular timing.

  • All students should be able to finish their year in the normal timing, taking into account the progression to year two.

Transition to year 2


Year 2

  • All classes are organised online and business practices will start within the regular timing (possibly remotely). The business practice report will be uploaded online and the accompanying presentation will be done via teleconference.

  • The (early) resit exams are organised in a hybrid fashion: both physical and online depending on the situation of each student individually.

  • All students should be able to finish their year in the normal timing, taking into account the progression to year three.

Transition to year 3

Don't wait too long to apply to your third-year partner. The sooner you apply, the sooner you can start to arrange things practically.

Year 3

  • All ongoing courses can continue online.

  • All examination is (possibly) organised digitally.

  • All students should be able to graduate from the BME programme within this academic year.


We want all our students to graduate as empathic and agile business professionals so you can rest assured that we approach this situation in a flexible, agile way and an empathic one as well. Our main priority is making it possible for all students to start, continue or finish their BME experience without having to compromise on the quality of the programme.

Feel free to share with fellow BME students how you are currently dealing with the situation on Instagram, tagging @bmedegree or using #BMEdegree. That way, we can remind ourselves that we're all in this together despite the social distancing.

The BME team is available for you via video call or email so do not hesitate to contact us if you have doubts, issues, or questions!

Stay home, stay safe.