Year by year - the BME programme in detail

For 10 years BME has been offering students from all over the world an education that primes them for exciting careers across the globe. Studying in 3 European countries taps into their sense of adventure and enterprise, while easing every participant into a worldwide network of usually lifelong friendships.
Students joining BME are stimulated to take initiative and become self-reliant, inquisitive and open-minded. By learning to effectively cope with life abroad, they develop skills that stand out on their CV. To maximize their chances in the global job market, the curriculum focuses on applying knowledge to real business situations. Here's a typical selection of course offerings* from the various BME partners:
  • International Business
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Communication
  • International Economics
  • E-commerce and Online Business
  • International Marketing Strategy
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Retail Marketing
  • Advertising
  • International HRM
  • Public Relations
  • Sustainability & Business
  • Managing the Virtual Organization
  • Foreign Languages (European languages, Mandarin, Japanese)
* Please note specific course offerings are subject to change. Click on a BME partner below for its complete BME course offering, cost, accommodation and how to apply.
BME - Year One
For the opening year of BME, applicants have a choice of institutions. As this decision will set the tone of their BME experience, it is a significant one. Click the logos to examine first-year partner details:

Fachhochschule Aachen
(FH Aachen) University of Applied Sciences
Aachen, Germany

Laurea University of Applied Sciences
(Laurea UAS)
Espoo, Finland

BME - Year Two
In BME's middle year, all participants converge at UCLL in Belgium. Here, everyone also meets the colleagues who chose a different first-year location, ideal to deepen and extend the international network of fellow BME students. Review UCLL's details here for transitioning into year 2 as smoothly as possible.

University Colleges Leuven-Limburg
​Heverlee, Belgium

BME - Year Three
After year 2 is completed, a last key choice follows: the final year location. As this is the institution that awards students their second degree, it is a big decision. Also, here the graduates-to-be specify their plans on what comes after graduation. Click the logos to consider third-year partner details:

Coventry University
​Coventry, United Kingdom

London South Bank Unversity
​London, United Kingdom

Rennes School of Business
Rennes, France

University of Worcester
(U of W)
Worcester, United Kingdom

BME - After graduation

After graduation

Once students have obtained BME's double degree, the world is their oyster. The Post-Graduation page lists the tempting starting job types that are often signed by BME alumni, as well as reference links to appealing additional study possibilities. To see where alumni end up on the planet, locate them on the interactive BME World Map. For more enquiries and registration consult the Join Us page.