Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in Barcelona, Spain

UAB offers first-year BME participants top-notch academics in a broad variety of classes, given by lecturers with diverse teaching styles and backgrounds. While students absorb this general business foundation, they are exposed to the institution's uniquely multi-cultural environment.
UAB Barcelona
UAB's impressive campus is located in central Barcelona's Eixample district. At the forefront of innovative business, design and research, this Mediterranean hotspot is a hub for creative talent in one of Europe's most inspiring coast cities. Here, excellence is experienced in and out of the classroom.


At UAB, first-year BME students follow the programme "Study Abroad, Pre-Established Programme" consisting of the following courses*:
  • International Business
  • International Finance
  • International Marketing Strategies
  • International Economics
  • Cross-cultural Management
  • E-commerce and Online Business
  • Managerial Skills for International Business
  • Understanding the European Economy
  • Business Communication ​​​​​​​
  • Spanish Language
* Please note specific course offerings are subject to change


Apart from the variable transportation costs students incur when travelling to and from their home country, the following 3 cost estimates need to be considered for participating in BME's first year:

  • the one-time application fee prior to joining the 3-year BME programme
  • the cost of living near the first-year partner institution​
  • the yearly tuition fee of the first-year partner institution

The one-time application fee depends on where the applicant's previous schooling took place and maximally amounts to € 50. Refer to the Join Us page for details.

Estimates of the cost of living near UAB vary with the specific student's lifestyle, but a typical figure is between € 600 an € 650 per month, not including accomodation.

UAB's yearly tuition fee for academic year 2019-2020 is

  • € 6650 for a EU citizen
  • € 7250 for a non-EU citizen


The quality of the student accommodation significantly contributes to a participant's overall BME experience, especially when studying a full year in a foreign location for the first time. Therefore, carefully research housing options before committing to a selection. Always visit the accommodation before sending a first deposit or signing the contract. Specifically for exploring accommodation possibilities near UAB:
  • see excellent pointers on Barcelona's off-campus accommodation here
  • search the web and browse the many relevant Facebook groups for student housing listings 
Lithe's 2016 testimonial at UAB Barcelona
Before applying with UAB for the first BME year, applicants must pre-enrol with the BME programme as detailed on the Join Us page. Once this pre-enrolment is completed succesfully, applicants receive the instructions needed to enrol at UAB for their first year. At this stage, payment of a deposit will be required, that will later be deducted from the final UAB tuition bill.
To locate UAB on an interactive map, visit the BME World Map. For coordinates to enquire about the BME programme in general, refer to the Join Us page. For questions specific on attending UAB as part of BME, feel free to contact:
  • regarding Applications: study.abroad@uab.cat
  • regarding Academics: Elaine Heyes (elaine.heyes@uab.cat)