How to join BME?

Below learn how to start your enrolment in the BME programme, how to enquire about BME in general and how to contact a BME partner with questions specific to this partner's role in BME.
Joining BME
Joining BME
Joining BME

How to enrol in the BME programme?

To enter the BME programme, you must first pre-enrol, by submitting this online form. Your submission will be the subject of an initial assessment by BME's pre-enrolment coordinator.

During this procedure, you will be notified if a one-time application fee needs to be paid for the pre-enrolment to be processed further. This one-time fee depends on where your previous schooling took place and will maximally amount to €50.
Once the pre-enrolment is completed successfully, you will receive proper notification and the instructions needed to apply with your first-year BME partner.

I'm  in BME. How do I apply for the next BME year?

Once you are nearing the end of your first or second BME year, it's time to prepare and apply for the next year. To apply for a second or third-year BME partner, first navigate to the partner's overview page by clicking on it below. Then refer to the application instructions listed on the partner page.

How to contact a specific BME partner?

To apply with a first-year partner, there's no point in contacting it directly before you have completed your pre-enrolment. Once you're pre-enrolled, you will be emailed the proper instructions for registering with your first-year BME partner. However, there may be other reasons why you want to enquire with a first-year or other partner directly about their specific role in BME. In that case first navigate to the partner's overview page by clicking on its name or photo above. Then mail your query directly to the email address listed in the contact coordinates on the partner page.

How to enquire about BME in general?

Submit your general query about BME via the contact form below. Don't forget to include your phone number's international code. Your personal data will not be shared externally.

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Meet us face to face

Ask us more face to face at the BME Open Days 2019

Join us during the BME Open Days 2019 at UCLL in Belgium. We will be happy to help you with lots of information. The next BME Open Day 2019 takes place at UCLL's campus Proximus, Geldenaaksebaan 335, 3001 Heverlee, Belgium on:
  • Saturday, February 23, 2019 between 10h00 and 14h00

Please register here to attend the BME Open Day of 23-2-2019: