COVID-19 measures prospective students

The current situation still limits international travel. However, we do advise you to proceed with your pre-enrolment or application since we expect the academic year to start as planned or slightly changed according to the situation. In the unlikely event that you've finished your pre-enrolment or your application and would not be able to start next year, the BME programme will be flexible in terms of finding a solution!

Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to start the BME programme in September 2020?

Yes. The year will start as normal or delayed, depending on the partner. There might be some extra measures in place concerning social distancing if required.

Will the first year start as usual, even if borders are still closed in September?

Yes. All BME partners are aiming to be physically back in business by September. In the very unlikely event that borders remain closed, it will be possible to start remotely through online lectures.

When should my student accommodation rental contract start if we are still unsure when we will be allowed to go abroad?

We advise you to start looking for accommodation online and assume you will be able to travel abroad by the start of the academic year. Make sure to go via trusted websites if you are renting on the private market. After you are accepted to the programme, contact your relevant partner institution if you have any questions about this.


We want all our students to graduate as empathic and agile business professionals so you can rest assured that we approach this situation in a flexible, agile way and an empathic one as well. Our main priority is making it possible for all students to start, continue or finish their BME experience without having to compromise on the quality of the programme.

Feel free to share with fellow BME students how you are currently dealing with the situation on Instagram, tagging @bmedegree or using #BMEdegree. That way, we can remind ourselves that we're all in this together despite the social distancing.

The BME team is available for you via video call or email so do not hesitate to contact us if you have doubts, issues, or questions!

Stay home, stay safe.

"Throughout the BME programme I have learnt priceless life lessons, mastered adaptability, and gained contacts from all over the world. Also, it has been very fascinating to experience different teaching methods and to learn about different cultures."

Dolores Eamets from Estonia

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