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Budapest Business School - University of Applied Sciences is a public business school with unique traditions. It has 160 years of history and almost 15,000 students. The university focuses on practical knowledge held in high esteem by companies. The number of international students has been rapidly increasing over the past few years and many of them find employment in the booming Hungarian labour market.

Budapest is one of the most popular tourist destinations visited by about 4.2 million tourists each year. It is a city of numerous World Heritage Sites including the panorama of the Danube bank, the Buda Castle district, Andrassy Street, Heroes' Square and the Millennium Underground - the second oldest in the world after the London Tube. Budapest is a friendly city where people gather together from all over the world.


Programme: Business Administration and Management Core courses:

  • Information Technology and the World

  • Economics 1

  • Business Economics

  • Business Communication and Skills Development

  • Foreign Language for Business A/1

  • Intercultural Communication A

  • Organisational and Human Resource Management

  • Marketing

  • Organisational Behaviour


  • International Economics

  • Introduction to the European Union Studies

  • Management Studies

  • Quality Management

  • Economic History

  • Sociology

  • Psychology

  • Organisational Psychology

  • Economic Geography

  • Business Law

  • Activity Management

  • Business Informatics 1


The cost of studying at the BBS in Budapest, Hungary consists of the following components:

  1. Tuition fee: € 2300/semester + a one-time registration fee of € 100
  2. Monthly cost of living*: € 700-800
* The cost of living is only an estimate and will vary according to the specific student’s lifestyle, but a typical figure will be within the range mentioned here.


University dormitories can accommodate a limited number of foreign students. Therefore, the Faculties provide assistance to those looking for accommodation. The renting fees are around EUR 200 - 300 a month per person in Budapest.

Budapest Business School (BBS)

"Throughout the BME programme I have learnt priceless life lessons, mastered adaptability, and gained contacts from all over the world. Also, it has been very fascinating to experience different teaching methods and to learn about different cultures."

Dolores Eamets from Estonia

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