After the BME Graduation

After three years of broad spectrum business classes, many BME alumni leverage their double degree to kickstart a professional career with starting jobs that cross borders, in established companies, startups and organizations large and small. In a mostly international business environment, they typically become:
  • project manager
  • sales manager
  • product manager
  • brand manager
  • account manager
  • communications manager
  • PR manager
  • market researcher
  • customer care specialist
  • management consultant
  • senior account manager
  • marketing manager
  • social media expert
  • data analyst
  • digital marketing manager
  • ...
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Want to start your own business? Enthusiastic BME alumni are doing it with success! Our alumni are spread across the globe in challenging business functions. Locate them on the BME World Map.

Continuing Education Programmes after BME

Starting a career is not the only post-graduation option. A good fraction of BME alumni pursues a master's or postgraduate degree from a member of the BME partnership. By staying in the community,  students are in certain cases granted financial benefits from the partners, to aid in obtaining the extra degree.​ After brief bridging programmes, even more masters are open to BME alumni, f.i. in Belgium.

Click on a BME partner below to review its selection of continuing education programmes in English:​
A specific partner's continuing education programmes open to BME alumni are equally accessible to every BME alumnus, no matter where the alumnus studied during the third BME year. To enquire about a specific BME partner's postgraduate and master's degree programmes open to BME alumni, first navigate to this partner's overview page by clicking on the partner's logo in the BME Partners page. Then mail your query directly to the email address listed in the contact coordinates on the partner page.