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International student coaching

Why study in three different countries?

There are many good reasons for studying in different countries. For example:

To be the best you can be

Living in another country, experiencing another culture brings out the best in you. You will realise your personal potential to the fullest. You will learn how to become independent, make your own decisions, stand on your own two feet and become very confident in what you do. You will have overcome the fear of the unknown and made long-term friendships that will be truly  life-changing.

Broaden your horizons

When you study abroad you are challenged in your home-grown perception of the world. You notice differences in food, clothing, languages, customs, art etc. You come into contact with other cultures and this broadens your perspective on the world. When returning home after studying abroad, you will also find that you will see your everyday world in a whole new light.

Great timing

If you have ever thought of living in another country for a while, this would be the best time in your life to take this step. Travelling and living in another country will never be so easy as when you are a student. You can benefit from student rates for all kinds of activities and, at the same time, build on your future.

Perfect preparation for an international career

With an international background on your CV you will definitely stand out as a future applicant for an international company or organisation. You will possess qualities and skills no other of your peers will have. It shows, for example, that you are inquisitive and willing to try new things. It demonstrates that you have proven ability to cope and succeed in different environments and social situations. You will make an excellent candidate for a function with lots of responsibilities because, as a student who has studied and lived abroad, you will have taken risks, encountered challenging situations and been able to solve problems in very exceptional circumstances.

Possibility to obtain a double diploma

The Bologna Treaty provides that students who have studied in more than one country can receive multiple diplomas if they meet the requirements. BME students can be awarded the bachelor’s degree from the following institutions depending on their chosen track in the third year:

• Bachelor (Hons) in European Business Management from Coventry University
• International Bachelor in Management from Rennes School of Business
• Bachelor (Hons) in Marketing from London South Bank University
• Bachelor (Hons) in International Business Management from University of Worcester
plus the bachelor’s degree from University Colleges Leuven-Limburg: Bachelor in Business Management – Marketing.

Why study in English?

For those whose mother tongue is not English

During your secondary schooling you will have learned English and probably have become quite fluent in expressing yourself. When you join the group of international students, most students will have reached the same level of English as you have. As you are studying together, the language will gradually become easier. In a short time you will be thinking and even dreaming in English.

For native English speakers

You will enhance your ability to communicate with people from different language and cultural backgrounds. And although the programme is taught in English, you have the opportunity – if you wish – to develop a working knowledge of the languages in the countries where you study.
As you know, English has become the dominant language of global communication. It is the main language of newspapers and advertising, of business, tourism, IT, diplomacy and entertainment to name but a few fields. Needless to say that becoming an effective communicator in English will definitely be a crucial asset in your future career.