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Frequently Asked Questions

Can students enrol in the second or the third year of the programme without having followed the fixed route of year 1 at IBA or UAB and year 2 at University Colleges Leuven-Limburg?

Previously earned credits are not accepted in the BME programme. However, University Colleges Leuven-Limburg can give credits up to 6 ECTS for previously acquired credits outside this programme.

Would it be possible to study at any of the partner institutions in the BME programme without taking the complete BME programme (e.g. via a credit or an exam contract)?

No, due to the particular set-up of this study programme, students have to take up the full 180 ECTS of the BME programme. As a consequence, students cannot enter the programme in year 2 or year 3 without successful completion of the previous year(s).

Can we communicate with other students before the start of the programme?

The best opportunity to meet other students who are interested in this programme is to attend the open days at University Colleges Leuven-Limburg. Check the information mentioned under Open Days. This way, students can get to know each other, make practical arrangements and meet current BME students. A BME Facebook page was also created by one of the BME students. During the summer holidays, a special going-away event will be organised in Leuven for enrolled students before they go abroad.

What is the exact accommodation cost?

  • In Kolding the very lowest rate for a decent room is DKK 2,000 per month (utilities excluded). A deposit of DKK 8,000 to DKK 10,000 is usually required. You can find more information on the IBA website.
  • In Barcelona renting a room in a shared apartment costs between € 300 and € 450 per month. Also a deposit of one or two month's rent is required. Students wishing to live in a student’s residence can also request this option and the cost starts from € 440 per month.
  • On average, students pay € 300 to € 400 a month for a room in Leuven. Also a deposit of approx. € 500 is usually required.
  • In Coventry students can rent a house with a group of friends. You may find rental deals for 38 weeks or 32 weeks. Renting on a weekly basis is also possible.
  • In Rennes, students pay € 450 / month for a room. Students can also apply for a grant to cover some of their accommodation costs.
  • In London, LSBU university accommodation is available at £ 560 / month (utilities included). Students need to apply early to ensure a room. Alternatively, many students group together to rent shared accommodation around the city.
  • In Worcester, students usually rent with friends. The cost of living in Worcester is comparatively very reasonable. Rent and many other costs are lower than larger cities. The proximity of our campuses to each other and to the city centre means that you won’t need to spend additional money on transportation.

Which documents does a non-European citizen need in order to obtain a visa for studying at IBA, Denmark or UAB, Spain in year 1?

You need to contact the Danish/Spanish Embassy in your home country. Most likely you will need proof of financial sustainability and a letter of acceptance from IBA Kolding/UAB Barcelona. Non-EU students must apply for a Danish visa before they start their studies at IBA, regardless the possession of a visa from another Schengen country. Students will receive information about the visa application procedure after they have been successfully admitted to the programme.

After studying in Kolding or Barcelona for one year I decide to quit the programme. Will I get credits?

Yes, you will get credits for the courses for which you have successfully passed the exams.

How much do I need to pay for books?

  • At IBA you will need about € 600 to € 650 for books.
  • At UAB, you will need about € 50 for books.
  • At UCLL, you will need about € 350 for books and syllabi.
  • At Coventry University you can make ample use of the library that has copies available. The core course books are included in your enrolment fee.
  • At University of Worcester, most modules have e-books which are free to use.
  • At LSBU, there is a well stocked library and many books are available as e-books. Where finances permit, students also buy new and second hand books from Amazon and other sources.

What is the last day to enrol in the programme?

For IBA the deadline for enrolment is March 5, 2017. It would be preferable to enrol as soon as possible in order to have the “widest choice” of accommodation. Furthermore, an Induction Week one week prior to the start of the programme (1 September) is organised. Attending this week is highly recommended.

For UAB, students should enrol before June 15, 2017. Students are also recommended to arrive one week before the start of the academic year.

What about learning the native tongue? Will some language support be provided?

  • At IBA, students have the opportunity to attend Danish lessons as well as Chinese lessons for free.
  • In Leuven there are several institutions that offer Dutch classes.
  • At UAB, Spanish classes are part of the programme.
  • At Rennes, French classes are part of the programme.

What level of English should I have to start this programme?

Students who want to apply for this programme have to meet either one of the following English language requirements:

  • have obtained a secondary education diploma or a diploma of higher education in Flanders or the Netherlands
  • have a minimum score on one of the following internationally recognized language tests for English
    • IELTS 6.5
    • TOEFL iBT 79 or tests which demonstrate an equivalent level. Contact our international office
  • have obtained a diploma of higher secondary education from the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada (except Quebec), Ireland, Caribbean Islands or South Africa.

Where can I find the calendar?

Please visit the website of the partner institutions to find their specific calendar.