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Tuition fee and cost of living


  EU citizen EEA** citizen Other
Tuition fee* € 890.00 € 890.00 € 890.00
Cost of living € 600-€650/month


  EU citizen EEA citizen Other
Tuition fee year 1 DKK 0 DKK 0 DKK 68,000
Cost of living € 700-€ 750/month


  EU citizen EEA citizen Other
Tuition fee € 6,400
Cost of living € 600-€650/month


  EU citizen EEA citizen Other
Tuition fee € 5,950 € 6,500
Cost of living € 600-€ 650/month

United Kingdom***

  EU citizen EEA citizen Other
Tuition fee £ 7,800 - £ 9000****
Cost of living £ 500-£ 750/month

 * In certain circumstances a lower fee may be possible in one or more of the study locations. Students will be informed automatically if this applies to them. For year two at KHLeuven, students can contact the Social Services at Van Dale College (KU Leuven).

 ** EEA citizens reside in Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or Lichtenstein.

*** The tuition fee in the UK does not have to be paid immediately. Students can apply for a study loan via Student Finance England (if their terms and conditions are met). This loan only has to be repaid in instalments when you earn £ 21.000 or more gross a year.

**** University of Worcester is pleased to offer a Bursary of £1000 for all BME students joining Worcester for their third year. Students will pay the course fees of £9000. On payment of the £9000 fees, the students will receive the bursary paid in four instalments of £250.