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Tuition fee and cost of living


  EU citizen EEA** citizen Other
Tuition fee* € 906.1 € 906.1 € 906.1
Cost of living € 600-€650/month


  EU citizen EEA citizen Other
Tuition fee year 1 DKK 0 DKK 0 DKK 68,000
Cost of living € 700-€ 750/month


  EU citizen EEA citizen Other
Tuition fee € 7,100
Cost of living € 600-€650/month


  EU citizen EEA citizen Other
Tuition fee € 6,250 € 6,800
Cost of living € 600-€ 650/month

United Kingdom***

  EU citizen EEA citizen Other
Tuition fee £ 7,800 - £ 9000****
Cost of living £ 500-£ 750/month

 * In certain circumstances a lower fee may be possible in one or more of the study locations. Students will be informed automatically if this applies to them. For year two at University Colleges Leuven-Limburg, students can contact the Social Services at Van Dale College (KU Leuven).

 ** EEA citizens reside in Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or Lichtenstein.

*** The tuition fee in the UK does not have to be paid immediately. Students can apply for a study loan via Student Finance England (if their terms and conditions are met). This loan only has to be repaid in instalments when you earn £ 20.000 or more gross a year. For more information please see www.gov.uk/repaying-your-student-loan/what-you-pay.

**** University of Worcester is pleased to offer a Bursary of £1000 for all BME students joining Worcester for their third year. Students will pay the course fees of £9000. On payment of the £9000 fees, the students will receive the bursary paid in four instalments of £250.